The Struggle is Patriarchal

Written by Najlaa Eltom
Translated into English by Yasmine Haj*

Patriarchy is a way of seeing life and treating present women. Feeding on omnipotent structures of masculinity, struggle has been founded upon the image of war, deriving its principles from its raw material, whereby courage is measured by pools of blood. However, if the soul of the struggle has been engrained and protected by courage, where do we place the reproachful soul, the distressed soul, enduring over terror? The soul born of nightmares, the soul that confronts life’s sharpened teeth? The soul that feeds what the courageous clatterer leaves behind? The soul that shelters his parents and relatives? The soul of those who face life with neither shield nor weapons? And what would the tougher struggle be; dying once, or a thousand deaths?

*This translated piece was originally published on Specimen on May 25th, 2018.

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